Purchase Order Financing

BlendingCap works closely with financing partners(s) that specialize in providing purchase order financing for the export and import as well as the domestic manufacturing of pre-sold products. We’ve found that a company’s largest obstacle is neither production nor sales, but managing to find an ideal financing option for securing their pre-sold merchandise.

Our financing partner(s) have specialize in production lending, including work that you currently have in progress and Letters of Credit for trade finance, such as export and import transactions and purchases in domestic trade. Our financing partner(s) work with distributors, producers, resellers and wholesalers. It doesn’t matter to us if you are just getting started, if your cash flow is low, or if you have little in the way of access to capital, we are waiting to help.

Advantages of Purchase Order Lending

There are several benefits for you to enjoy when it comes to getting financing for your purchase orders. Such advantages include an increased market share, being able to have a flourishing company without adding to your bank debt, flexible funding, and being able to complete larger orders and make more profits.

For more information about this program for purchase orders, contact us today at BlendingCap.